Baby has been walking a lot more than I thought she would. She’s only 10 months and its almost as if she is walking like an adult. She’s also learned how to clap. Still working on her sleeping in her own bed tho. It’s almost like she can feel the difference in her and my mattress. Smart little cookie!!!


When I found out I was pregnant, it was a surprise. When she was finally here it was an even bigger surprise.

Me and my husband decided to co-sleep (when baby sleeps with parent). Bad idea. She’s almost one and we are having a hard time getting her in her bed. Not to mention that me and hubby get zero grown up time at night :/ This morning I wake up to her hitting my face, but instead of her being in bed with us, she was standing near the bed. I don’t know what happened. Long story short CO-SLEEP WISELY!!

Its Saturday. Enjoy your weekend.

What’s wrong?


I wanted to share this picture because I find it very special. This is when my daughter was 6 months old. She learned to crawl when she was 6 months and the same day she learned how to pull up on to things. But she wasnt sure how to get back down without hurting her bottom.

Vacation…? Lol

I feel bad. I’m a stay at home mom, but I need a vacation. I’m dreaming of going out with my husband,  taking a bubble bath with candles and aroma therapy scents, and a tall, cold glass of wine. Eating an expensive dinner, and sleeping in until I say it’s time to wake up. Family living 2 hours away is sad. Very, very, sad. Mommyhood 🙂

My baby


This is my Stinky. Very impatient and hungry. She is a drama queen. And runs this house. Today she turned 10 months. She has 2 teeth coming in and I believe its driving us both crazy.